The Value of a Pet Massage from Run Those Dogs Blog

People benefit from massages and your pet can benefit from a pet massage too! Check out some of the benefits in our latest blog post!

The Value of Pet Massage

Jul 7, 2018

The Value of Pet Massage

pet massageWe’ve all heard of the benefits humans get from massage. But have you thought about letting your pet in on the action? Some of the top reasons to massage your pets can include general relaxation and reduction of emotional stress, pain management for joints or after an injury, and easing the effects of ageing. Everybody Deserves a Massage week begins July 15. So why not your fur baby?


There are also benefits people don’t always think about such as emotional, communication, and connection benefits. Pets value touch. Showing them that they are valued, understood and loved through massage helps strengthen that bond. The only things needed to give your fur-baby a massage is a flat surface and your hands.