Sustainable Pet Ownership: The Scoop on Healthy Choices

Here are just a few recommendations from Run Those Dogs on how you can practice sustainable pet ownership at home and in your community.

Sustainable Pet Ownership: The Scoop on Healthy Choices

Mar 27, 2018

Sustainable Pet Ownership: The Scoop on Healthy Choices

Run Those Dogs works hard to environmentally-responsible pet owners and workers all year long. In celebration of International Pooper Scooper Week (April 1-7) and Earth Day (April 22), we put together some information on how we can build a sustainability mindset into every day pet ownership.


Are You a Super Pooper Scooper?scoop sign run those dogs

The fact is that animal waste that’s not disposed of properly can have a real impact on the environment.


Protect Water and Wildlife

When it rains, storm water carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways. Animal waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen depletes the oxygen in water necessary for beneficial underwater grasses, wildlife and fish. Animal waste can also contain harmful organisms that can be transmitted through contaminated water. All this can also impact lake- or reservoir-based drinking water supplies.


Prevent the Spread of Disease

Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and be transmitted to other animals and humans. No one likes to step in pet waste and spread it into homes, cars and businesses. But if they do, they may also be spreading diseases like parvo, giardia, and salmonella.Kitty on toliet


Here’s what you can do to help.


Scoop after your dog with used plastic baggies from your household and paper towels. Or use compostable pet waste bags. The baggies can be secured and thrown away in the garbage.


In most places, it’s the law! But let’s look at it another way. If more and more of us become responsible pet owners, animals will be more accepted into public spaces and local businesses.


Scooping that poopy really does more than just clean up the drop-spot. It helps protect other animals, wildlife and our human friends too!




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Sustainable Adventuring

Sustainable Pet Ownership is about where and how you wander too! We continue to protect the environment by keeping our pet on the trail or in dog park areas. We want our pets to explore, but we need to keep wild areas wild and they won’t stay that way if they don’t feel safe from our pets.


Be on the look out for plants and berries that aren’t safe for your pet to ingest and be sure to stay off private property without permission.


At Home Too

Check in and see where you are with your at-home holistic pet care. By choosing natural foods and grooming products that are sustainably-sourced you are giving your pet the best possible care and changing the world with your wallet.


You get bonus points when the items are sourced-locally and packed with recycled or recyclable materials. Usually the product will say on the package if it is or not. From kitty litter to doggy biscuits there are lots of options to choose from.


Happy Earth Day to you and yours from Run Those Dogs. We hope you’ll continue to do your part to protect pets, wildlife, and other people by practicing sustainable pet ownership wherever you can.

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