Pet Sitter Accountability with Virtual Imprints App

Run Those Dogs allows you to track pet sitter accountability with direct monitoring right from your phone through the app Virtual Imprints.

Pet Sitter Accountability with Virtual Imprints App

Mar 6, 2018

Pet Sitter Accountability with Virtual Imprints App

When you’re planning a vacation, work outing, or weekend trip, there are a thousand details. When your hotel, transportation, and fun are all planned, that’s when you realize there is a small furry face poking out of your suitcase….don’t forget the pet-sitter!

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Asking a friend is always the first thought but we’ve blogged here about why a pet sitter is preferable to a friend. Besides preserving your friendship, safety and accountability are number one.


That’s why we work so hard at Run Those Dogs to truly bring you peace of mind while you’re away. We use the Virtual Imprints app to give you a very direct link to your pet and a way to track the work we do for you. Using a smartphone, our pet sitters “clock-in” and “clock-out” of your home informing you of exactly how long we were there, what tasks were completed, and when the sitter left. The app also allows for pet sitters to take photos and videos to share with pet parents so you can see that your pet is happy and safe.


Have it Your Way

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The best part is, you get to choose how much information you’d like to receive. There are 3 levels a pet parent can enjoy using Virtual Imprints:

  1. Receive only the recap email or text with no check in or out emails or text messages.
  2. Get email or text messages for check in, out and email recaps.
  3. Receive all three messages plus a username and password to allow them to review the history of the scans and recap notes.


Run Those Dogs strives to provide the utmost care and love to every animal, whether its on a single walk or run or more extensive care over a two- or three-week trip. This app ensures accurate and accountable service to pet owners. We want all of our pet parents to relax and enjoy their vacation or really focus on that important business meeting, knowing their pets are safe and cared for on a regular basis.


Not feeling savvy with phone apps? No problem. Run Those Dogs staff can go over it with you in person during your free initial 30-minute consultation.


Run Those Dogs reputation speaks for itself. But you’ll enjoy your trip so much more knowing that you can track our accountability no matter how far you roam.

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