Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Get these local, natural, environmentally-conscious gifts for your dog this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Dec 9, 2016

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

During this time of the year we can get so busy trying to find just the right gift for our human friends and family that our canine friends get overlooked. Run Those Dogs owner Jen Sewell has put together a quick list of her favorites that will make great gifts for your best friend. Most are local, environmentally-conscious, and natural so you can also feel positive about your holiday purchases.



Wonder Walker Body Halter

Harnesses are great for running with your dog. They are also ideal for small dogs, special needs dogs, breeds that are prone to upper respiratory problems, dogs that suffer from a collapsing trachea, and dogs that have physiological issues that makes them poor candidates for traditional collars. This body halter fits well, is easy to use, and is comfortable for your dog to wear. The best part is all Wonder Walker products are made in Seattle so you can buy local!


Krebs Recycle Dog Leash

image1These sturdy leashes can make you feel even better about your purchase because they are up-cycled from used climbing rope. Pat yourself on the back for keeping it out of the landfill and putting it to further use. They are soft and comfortable to use and the company is Seattle-based, with products found in pet specialty stores throughout Washington State.



Gulpy Portable Pet Water Bottle & Dish

These water bottles are so useful for walking or running dogs in the warm weather. They come in two different sizes. People who sign up for weekly walks/runs with Run Those Dogs get a free water bottle of their choice.


Nyla Bone

27469One bone can keep your dog busy for hours. Keeping the tough chewer entertained will also keep them out of trouble around the house and yard. With lots of choices and sizes, you’re sure to find the right one for your dog.


Frozen Marrow Bones

Also known as a soup bone, this old school treat is so good for a dog’s teeth. But be educated when choosing. Cooked bones can splinter, or others are not good for your dog. Most grocery stores have frozen marrow bones for a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the pet health food stores. If you don’t see them in the frozen meat section then you can ask the butcher of your local grocery store. They’ll often cut some special for you when they know it’s for your dog.

We hope you like these local, natural, safe gift ideas for your dog. What have we missed? Post your suggestions for Fido holiday presents here or over on our Facebook page. From Run Those Dogs, have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.

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