Hemp Seed Oil in Natural Pet Care

Run Those Dogs owner Jenn Sewell used hemp seed oil to treat her dog Lilo's cluster seizures.

Hemp Seed Oil in Natural Pet Care

Nov 16, 2016

Hemp Seed Oil in Natural Pet Care

Medicinal marijuana is increasingly used to treat the symptoms of human maladies like cancer, seizures, joint pain, and anxiety. There has also been a boost in hemp seed oil use for treatment of a range of ailments in companion animals. In both cats and dogs, hemp seed oil has been used to treat seizure disorders, arthritis and mobility issues, nausea and digestive ailments, skin and coat conditions, and ailments related to aging.


Although there is still a lot of research to be done, some believe that when used with care and guidance, hemp seed oil has positive benefits for pets, both to keep them healthy and as treatment when they become ill.


Jenn Sewell's dog, Lilo, who passed in March 2016.

Jen Sewell’s dog, Lilo, who passed in March 2016.

Run Those Dogs owner Jen Sewell recently had personal experience using hemp seed oil to treat her dog, Lilo, who suffered from an untreatable cluster seizure disorder.


Seizures in dogs are relatively common. They are a temporary, involuntary disturbance of normal brain function that results in a fit of uncontrollable muscle convulsion. When there are many episodes, they may be considered clustered. Most commonly connected to genetically-inherited epilepsy, seizures may also be caused by liver disease, kidney failure, brain tumors or trauma, or exposure to toxins.


Lilo was the reason Jen started Run Those Dogs. She was her constant companion. To help Lilo, Jen tried typical pharmaceutical medications prescribed by a veterinarian like phenobarbital and potassium bromide, but they didn’t seem to improve her condition. Instead, she suffered from new side effects, became more medically fragile, and her condition continued to worsen.


Jen then explored naturopathic veterinary services as an alternative. It was there that she became aware of hemp seed oil as a therapy for cluster seizures. Although nothing could be done to cure Lilo’s chronic illness, Jen was thankful to be able to prolong her life and increase her comfort level before she passed away in March 2016.


Hemp seed oil is available in many concentrations and forms. Jen used Cannacompanion and some Washington-based veterinary hospitals have used Canna-Pet. Formulations made specifically for pets contain the cannabinoid that helps alleviate so many symptoms, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, but without the mind-altering tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that can be toxic to pets.


More data needs to be collected to document the health benefits and side effects of hemp-based products for pet care. Dosages can vary and so should be used only where concentration and recommended dose is known. Follow instructions carefully to avoid over treatment toxicity symptoms that can include light and motion reactivity, troubled breathing, and uncontrolled urination.


When your pet is in need, as Lilo was, it’s good to know alternatives exist that may provide comfort and pain-relief. As advised when considering and administering any new product, pet owners should exercise caution and proceed under the advisement and guidance of a veterinarian or pet care provider.

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