Easy DIY Dog and Cat Treat Recipes

Easy DIY Dog and Cat Treats to try out in these trying times! Recipies from ASPCA from your friendly pet-loving pet sitting team at Run Those Dogs!

Easy DIY Dog and Cat Treat Recipes

May 12, 2020

Easy DIY Dog and Cat Treat Recipes

Many have been using this extra time at home due to the Coronavirus, COVID-19, to get back to the basics and that includes baking. It may be difficult to get to the store safely and easily. So we thought we’d pull together some easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dog and cat treat recipes you can try at home with some basic and safe ingredients.dog biscuit recipe run those dogs


But before you dive in to the recipes, please remember that not all human foods are safe for pets to eat. So be sure to only get your recipes from reputable, tested sources. Think humane societies, ASPCA, and other authorities on animals. And while you’re at it, here’s a reminder of some of the things that are not safe for pets to eat. 


Foods Dangerous for Pets

Please be extra careful about recipe substitutions because some human ingredients can be deadly to dogs and cats. For example, do not use these food items:

  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Apple seeds 
  • Apricot pits 
  • Avocadosrun those dogs cat recipes
  • Cherry pits
  • Candy (particularly chocolate—which is toxic to dogs, cats, and ferrets—and any candy containing the toxic sweetener Xylitol) 
  • Coffee (grounds, beans, and chocolate-covered espresso beans)
  • Garlic
  • Grapes 
  • Gum (can cause blockages and sugar free gums may contain the toxic sweetener Xylitol)
  • Hops (used in home beer brewing) 
  • Macadamia nuts 
  • Moldy foods 
  • Mushroom plants 
  • Mustard seeds 
  • Onions and onion powder 
  • Peach pits 
  • Potato leaves and stems (green parts) 
  • Raisins 
  • Rhubarb leaves 
  • Salt 
  • Tea (because it contains caffeine) 
  • Tomato leaves and stems (green parts) 
  • Walnuts 
  • Xylitol (artificial sweetener that is toxic to pets)
  • Yeast dough


For more information on foods that could be unsafe for pets, visit the ASPCA’s People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets page and our Run Those Dogs blog on Protecting your Pets from Poisons.


run those dogs recipes

Yummy ASPCA Treat Recipes


Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats

recipe cat run those dogs chouetteThis recipe has just four healthy ingredients. One of them is a dog favorite, peanut butter. Your pooch can enjoy it without all the laborious licking. Dogs also love pumpkin. Did you know that pumpkin has a lot of health benefits for dogs too? Veterinarians often recommend pumpkin as a food supplement if your dog needs help with digestion. But just like for humans, its full of vitamins and nutrients and is good for their coat too!


Kitty Croutons

We can’t forget our furry feline friends either. These treats contain tuna that will make your cat purr while also providing the healthy protein and fish oils their bodies were made for. If that weren’t enough of a draw, the catnip in these treats will make them irresistible so be sure to store them in a secure container. They’ll last in the fridge for up to a week.


Game Day Snacks 

If you are missing tailgating and the savory comfort foods of Game Day, these treats may help. These recipes for Doggie Nachos, Kitty Nachos, Tuna Touchdown Treats, Catnip Kitty Cubes and a lot more contain just a few ingredients. You can make several and see which ones your fur babies like best. Then snuggle up on the couch and rewatch famous or historic games/matches from the past or your favorite meaningful contests of the past.


Did you know there is an Olympic Channel? There’s also free classic NBA online, NFL Games on YouTube and 2019 Wimbeldon to name just a few.


It won’t be the same as a real season shared with friends, but hopefully it will bring you some warm fuzzy’s with your warm fuzzies.


Super Simple Cat Treats


If you’ve baked at all, you’ll be able to make these treats with simple ingredients you probably already have in the pantry. Try Tasty Tuna Crackers, Chicken Rollovers and Cheesy Cat Treats. They’re healthy and contain protein and the fat that keeps their fur soooo soft. 


Let us know what treats you’ve made for your furry friends and which ones you thought you’d eat too! Here at Run Those Dogs we want what is best for your pets health and safety. We hope this recipe adventure brings you joy and a little distraction in these unusual times.

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