Five Ways to Change a Pet’s Life

Pet's change our lives. There are a number of ways to change a pet's life. Consider one of these opportunities today that will change their life forever.

Five Ways to Change a Pet’s Life

Jan 18, 2018

Five Ways to Change a Pet’s Life

We know that the pets in our lives impact us every day. They give us love and companionship. On average, that makes us happier and live longer. And through adoption, we change their lives too. January 24, 2018 is Change a Pet’s Life Day. This holiday was created to help raise awareness about animal welfare and encourage pet adoption.


There are plenty of ways to celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day this year and every year. Here are our top five ideas from Run Those Dogs.

Run Those Dogs Adoption Stanwood Arlington Camano

1. Adopt or Foster, and Encourage Friends Too!

Most shelters have reduced prices on Change a Pet’s Life Day and if you were looking to adopt in the new year now might be the time. Call your local shelters and see if your new best friend is waiting for you. There are many amazing shelters around the country. Run Those Dogs owner Jen Sewell loves The NOAH Center in Stanwood. She volunteers there and also found her dogs Gus & Kai there. Its a great place to start.

2. Sponsor or Donate to a Pet Shelter

Sometimes fostering or adopting an animal is just not in the cards. But where there is a will there is a way. At some shelters you can sponsor an animal or an adoption fee. You can also make a general donation, or donate items they need like blankets and towels, pet food and toys, carriers and other items. Call your local shelter and see how you can support a pet’s future!

3. A New Activity for Your Fur BabyRun Those Dogs Jen Sewell Snohomish Marysville Stanwood Arlington Adoption

Maybe your kitty needs a new toy and a structured playtime with you. You and your dog could make a resolution to go on a hike once a month. A new adventure for you and your pet is an excellent way to celebrate and change the life of your pet. When you don’t have the time, we’re here to help with a walk, a run, or extra playtime.

4. Volunteer Your Time

The time Run Those Dog owner Jen spends volunteering at The NOAH Center is rewarding and fun. While animals wait for their forever homes, they need human contact and exercise to keep them calm and socialized so they’ll have the best chance of being adopted. Consider volunteering to help with walking, playing, and socializing at your local shelter.


Run Those Dogs Adoption Stanwood Arlington Camano

5. Share your Pet’s Story

By sharing stories of our amazing furry friends we are creating a dialogue about animals. Did you rescue your pet? How has that changed your life? Our fur babies have stories to tell and until we get keyboards and pens that work with their paws, it’s up to us to spread the word and raise awareness for shelter animals, foster pets, and how others can help change a pet’s life today and every day.

We love focusing on your pet’s well-being through exercise and healthy habits. We see every day as an opportunity to celebrate our pets and we hope you do too. Here at Run Those Dogs we strive to change a pet’s life through our work each and every day.

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