4 Ways to Celebrate Dogust Your Rescue Dog’s Birthday

Don't know when your rescue dogs birthday is? Celebrate them on Dogust 1st! August 1 acts as a day of celebration for every rescue dog.

4 Ways to Celebrate Dogust

Aug 1, 2018

4 Ways to Celebrate Dogust

We use birthdays to celebrate another year of life with a loved one. Pets age way more quickly than humans and mean so much to us so why wouldn’t we celebrate them too? But if you adopted your pet you might not know when they were born or even how old they are. Luckily for us, there is August, henceforth to be known as DOGust, a universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs! We love cats too, so we would argue that you can celebrate your cat’s birthday in DOGust too!

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Below we’ve collected some ideas to help you celebrate your pet’s birthday in style.


1. Break out the Treats

We always recommend looking for treats that are healthy for your pet. You could even consider making your own with a delicious recipe just for your dog or cat!


2. A New Toy

Maybe it’s time to update your collection of chew toys or feather wands! Look for something that you can use to play with your dog or cat. A Frisbee, a new ball or toy mouse, a rope to tug on, a laser pointer, or any toy that includes you will make playtime all the better! Run Those Dogs owner Jen Sewell likes Nyla Bone and a number of other gifts for your pet.


3. A New Adventure

Taking your dog on a new trail will make their year. With plenty of new smells to sniff, new spots to explore, you might even meet some new friends! A trip to the dog park could also be an easy substitute. It’s August so its time to get out before it gets crispy cold again!


Although your cat might not appreciate a road trip, you can give them a new adventure with a new cardboard box, a new bed, or by adding cat walks or perches to your home. If you’re handy, you can Do It Yourself (DIY).